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#134 Amal Easton

Amal Easton found himself on the ground twice in his very first Thai Boxing match and he thought to himself, if I'm ending up on the ground I should probably know how to fight there. Amal sought out a BJJ instructor but this was way back before UFC 1, meaning there were very few to choose from. Amal found a local Machado blue belt and started taking lessons. This began an over 30-year Jiu-Jitsu journey that Amal hopes lasts for another 30 years.

To hear how Amal thinks that will happen, what he believes makes a modern academy successful, and how he sees life through the lens of Jiu Jitsu, follow the link below to check out episode #134 with Amal Easton. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 900 videos for your Jiu Jitsu journey.


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