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#140 Nick "The Tooth" Gullo

Nick Gullo wasn't interested in Jiu Jitsu. Even after he and his friend took a private lesson from a UFC fighter Nick wanted nothing to do with it. Oh, did I mention his friend was the UFC's Dana White? Even after Dana purchased the UFC, Nick had no interest in Jiu Jitsu or MMA. It took years for Dana to get Nick to go to a UFC event, but once Nick saw the UFC in person he was hooked. Nick became enamoured with Jiu Jitsu. He has trained with the best in the world and is a world champion himself.

Follow the link below to check out episode #140 of The RŌL Radio with Nick "The Tooth" Gullo and hear his amazing journey, backstage stories of the UFC, and Nick's passion for the Mushin mind.


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