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#32 Chris Haueter

Chris Haueter is an artist, martial artist, Marine Veteran, and one of the first twelve non Brazilian BJJ black belts, a group know as the BJJ Dirty Dozen. He has trained with, competed against, and become friends with the biggest names in BJJ. He has also named BJJ positions that had no English moniker like Combat Base. He has done all this with a style and attitude that makes him stand out in a world of very unique individuals.

Born in the mid 1960's, Chris began his martial arts journey as a child. First in karate then as a high school wrestler. Chris often found himself in fights growing up, and after serving in the Marine Corps he began boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai. After only one Muay Thai fight Chris, even though he won the fight, realized Muay Thai was not for him. He believed the lasting effects of continued Thai boxing would take their toll physically and mentally.

Still looking to train in the martial arts, Chris was introduced to BJJ after seeing an Aikido instructor demonstrate an Arm Lock. Chris was intrigued by the grappling technique so that Aikido instructor pointed Chris in the direction of Rorion Gracie.

When Chris arrived for his first class with the Gracies, Royce Gracie asked Chris if he was there to challenge them. With buckling knees, Chris assured Royce he was there to learn and his BJJ journey was underway.

While Chris trained with Rorion, Royce, and Rickson Gracie, and also the man that would eventually award Chris his black belt, Rigan Machado, Chris began to fall in love with BJJ. He became, as he puts it "persistent and obsessed". This persistence and obsession eventually lead Chris to becoming one of the first twelve non Brazilians to reach the rank of black belt, making Chris a member of the BJJ Dirty Dozen.

Always believing he is a student first, Chris continues his training today and has developed a unique BJJ philosophy. Chris believes that there are three sides to BJJ, Think Street, Train Sport, Practice Art, and that all of these sides need to be trained to truly master BJJ. Chris is still involved in the US military, produces BJJ instructional videos, and runs his academy Combat Base, out of his California garage, just like the BJJ masters he learned from. He does all this with a DIY attitude and Punk Rock aesthetic that is all his own.


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