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#50 Dean Lister

Dean Lister has done it all in the world of Jiu Jitsu and MMA. He has been an innovator, fought in the biggest promotions, and won multiple world championships. His career has taken him through, wrestling, Sambo, boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA. Now, after decades in the world of martial arts, Dean is one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.

Dean began his professional career by becoming a two-time National Sambo Champion, he was the KIng of the Cage Middleweight Champion, three-time ADCC Champion, Brazilian National Champion, and has an astonishing record of 111 wins and 12 losses, with over 90 of his wins by submissions.

Dean has had some setbacks in his career but has always been ready to take advantage of an opportunity when one arises. This was evident in the 2003 ADCC. After losing and being eliminated from the tournament Dean woke up the next day to find out he was invited back. For various reasons, several competitors pulled out of the event. Dean was given a second chance to compete and bested four of the biggest names in BJJ including Nate Marquardt, Saulo Ribeiro, Marcio Cruz, and Alexandre Ferreira, submitting three of them on his way to winning the championship.

After his fighting career that included fights in Pride FC and the UFC, Dean dedicated himself to instructing others. He has his own academy Victory MMA and Fitness and travels the world spreading his love for and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu. Dean has also released several instructional videos some of which focus on leg attacks, submissions that Dean didn't invent but promoted and advanced throughout his career.

In the spring of 2021 Dean was walking to a restaurant when a car jumped the curb, striking him before driving away. Dean was hospitalized for almost a week, suffering from a ruptured spleen. He credits his years of combat sports with preparing his body for such an extreme impact and now, less than a month after his hit and run, Dean is back on the mats doing the art he says is the love of his life, Jiu Jitsu.


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