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#6 Nathan Mendelsohn

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to a new episode of ROL Radio. On this episode we have 2nd degree black belt under Claudio Franca, Nathan Mendelsohn.

Nathan is a Copa Podio Champion, AJP Tour Tokyo Grand Slam Champion, and an IBJJF Europeans black belt bronze medalist. 

Nathan has been living the jiu jitsu lifestyle everyone dreams of. Listen as he talks about traveling from Santa Cruz to Brazil to train, having amazing Brazilian black belts stay at his childhood home, surfing some of the choicest spots in California, and now a hip hop career. But he also had some personal struggles that were holding him back. He needed to change his lifestyle before everything fell apart. Nathan opens up about these struggles and what he did to overcome them and find a new balance in his life. Here is RŌL Radio with No G in a gi Nathan Mendelsohn.


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