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#145 Josh McKinney

We all know we suck at jiu-jitsu when we start and Josh McKinney wants us to keep that mindset throughout our jiu-jitsu journey. He believes that if we start to believe we are good we stop challenging ourselves and stop putting ourselves in situations where we have the opportunity to grow from our losses.

Josh started jiu-jitsu as a kid and was immediately hooked. He knew pretty early on that he wanted to make jiu-jitsu his life and he has done just that. Josh is now a successful academy owner and jiu-jitsu content creator. To hear how Josh went from an overweight kid who didn't have much of an interest in anything other than video games, to a 16x ibjjf gold medalist, click on the link below and check out episode #145 of The RŌL Radio with Josh McKinney. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your jiu-jitsu journey.


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