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#21 Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen started his Judo journey at the age of 5 with his older brother Irwin, at a north side Chicago YMCA. After just a couple years their coach knew the brothers had learned all they could from him and needed coaches that could take them to the next level. After switching to a new Dojo, Steve and Irwin quickly became two of the best Judoka in the US during the 1970s, and were both finding themselves ranked at the top and featured in martial arts magazines.

Steve won 5 National titles during his career, along with a silver medal in the 1986 Goodwill Games. Steve was also a member of the 1988 USA Olympic Judo team and coach of the 2000 Olympic Judo team.

Steve retired from competition in 1977 and began coaching. He coached his great friend Bob Berland to a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics. After winning that medal Bob asked Steve to come out of retirement and be his teammate on the 1988 USA Olympic Judo team. Steve trained for one year and returned to competition winning the National Championship in 1985 and joining his great friend Bob on that 1988 Olympic team.

Along with his brother Irwin, Steve started the hugely successful Cohen Brothers Judo Club. A club that has been coaching champions and Olympians for decades.

Now retired from both competing and national coaching, Steve is a successful business man and continues to support his nephews Aaron and RJ, who continue what their father Irwin and Uncle Steve started at Cohen Brothers Judo.


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I had the honor of being coached by Steve during my judo career. We is an amazing coach and even better person! Thanks for this episode, loved listening! -Sayaka Torra (2008 Olympian, Judo)

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