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#27 Miguel Angel Torres

Growing up Miguel Torres was a self-described scrawny nerd. He was often picked on and beat up in his East Chicago Indiana neighborhood. He tried Karate, Taekwondo, and boxing, but it wasn't until he was in high school and working that he was able to consistently pay for training.

Miguel took to MMA and after high school began fighting on unsanctioned cards at bars and nightclubs to pay for his college tuition. Once Miguel started fighting at sanctioned events he began to rack up wins and people began to take notice. Always putting on a great show, either with his brawling style, or being accompanied to the ring by a Mariachi Band he became what he called "hood famous".

While frequently traveling to Brazil to train BJJ with the legendary Ricardo De La Riva, Ricardo asked Miguel why he travels all the way to Brazil when Ricardo's own professor was just a few miles away from Miguel's home in Chicago? Shortly after Miguel began training in Chicago under Grand Master Carlson Gracie Senior. The two forged a strong friendship and Miguel would accompany his mentor on trips to Carlson's Jiu Jitsu academy in Brazil. Carlson had so much faith in his "Rooster" Miguel that he even put up $10,000 of his own money in an open challenge to any 135lbs fighter to go up against him.

Miguel amassed an incredible 45 and 9 MMA record working his way up from the smaller promotions all the way to the UFC. Miguel won bantamweight titles in various organizations most notably the WEC while changing the face of MMA by proving lighter weight, smaller fighters were every bit as talented and exciting as their heavier counterparts.

Now back in Hobart Indiana, Miguel is the owner, operator, and head instructor of Torres Martial Arts Academy. He has now dedicated his life to giving back to his community and empowering others through martial arts. He is changing people's lives for the better and helping his students reach their goals, the way his mentors and training partners helped him.


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