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#29 2020 Recap

In late spring of 2020 Thomas had the idea of starting a podcast. When he told Gary his idea Gary said, "Great, go for it!". Then Thomas asked Gary to join him and that he wanted to get the podcast up within a week or two. Gary then responded, "Your out of your mind."

But they dove in head first and within a short time the first episode of the RŌL Radio was on all major platforms. That episode titled The Beginning confirmed that Thomas and Gary envisioned the same direction for the podcast. RŌL Radio would focus more on the personal journeys of the people within the Jiu Jitsu community. It would let the guests tell their stories, their journeys through life and what has made them into the people they are today.

Within a few weeks they had legends from the BJJ community like Alberto Crane, Clark Gracie, Roy Dean, and Mauricio Tinguinha Mariano, as well as former and current MMA fighters like Jeff Curran, Felicia Spencer, and Miguel Angel Torres.

Knowing that there were BJJ practitioners in all walks of life, they soon expanded their guest list to include entrepreneurs and charity organizers like Jon Thomas of Tap Cancer Out and Rich McKeegan from Black Belts for Butterflies. And made sure to recognize the contribution Judo has made to our community by having Judo players join them including Olympians Jimmy Pedro and Steve Cohen and more tell their amazing stories.

Thank you to every guest that made this first year such a success and a huge thank you to all the listeners. Without listener support and feedback we would not have been able to bring you the wonderful guests and their amazing stories.

Now after having over 25 amazing guests in just half of 2020, RŌL Radio can not wait to bring you more fascinating and legendary personalities in 2021. With new episodes already recorded and huge guests lined up RŌL Radio knows you will not be disappointed.


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