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#38 Pedro Valente

As a third-generation Jiu Jitsu practitioner under Grandmaster Helio Gracie, it doesn't get much closer to the source of BJJ than Pedro Valente. Pedro, his two younger brothers, and their father Grandmaster Pedro Sr. all received their black belts from Helio Gracie. They were not only Helio's students but close family friends.

Pedro's journey started at such a young age that he can not remember his earliest training days. He was so little, in fact, that he could not reach the buttons on the elevator where the legendary Gracie Academy was located and would ask the elevator operator to lift him up so he could push the numbers.

Pedro Sr. felt that his son's Jiu Jitsu training was equally as important as his academic education. He believed that one could not be successful in life without both excelling in Jiu Jitsu and academics. Pedro was sent to the best schools, trained in Boxing and Judo, and took daily lessons from Helio, Royler, and Rolker Gracie.

Pedro continued his training until it was time for him to attend college at the University of Miami School of Business Administration. During the summer leading up to his move to the US, Pedro lived on Helio Gracie's ranch. He was sent there by his father to prepare for living in the US and to also be trained on how to introduce BJJ to Miami.

While in college Pedro attended the very first UFC event in Denver and after his return to Miami, he found several of his fellow students and some faculty had a new interest in BJJ. Pedro began instructing classes and started the very first BJJ club in the Miami area. Then in 1993 after receiving his Instructor Certification from the Gracie Academy he began teaching classes throughout Florida. In 1998 Pedro opened his first full-time academy in the Sunshine State.

Over the next several years Pedro would be joined by his younger brothers. First in 1999 by his brother Gui and then in 2007 by the youngest brother Joaquim. All three men had degrees that would complement one another and help them to establish one of the most well-respected BJJ academies in the US.

Now with an incredible headquarters in North Miami Beach, the Valente brothers teach not only their academy's students but local and federal law enforcement, as well as the US Military.

With over 60 years of family tradition in Jiu Jitsu, the name Valente Brothers has become synonymous with everything positive Jiu Jitsu has to offer.


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