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#66 Arman Fathi

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Arman Fathi started his Jiu Jitsu journey to lose weight but shortly after he started, he fell in love with the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and the positive examples he witnessed while studying under the Redzovic family in Chicago. Arman loved the art so much that he knew even as a White Belt, that someday he would own his own BJJ academy.

That was in 2012 and less than a decade later he has turned that goal of opening his own academy into a reality. How? In 2018 Arman moved to California and began training at two of the most respected Jiu Jitsu academies in the country, if not the world. Arman became a dedicated student of Rener Gracie at Gracie University and Eddie Bravo of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Training at two separate academies is oftentimes frowned upon and the two where Arman was spending his days and nights were known for not having the greatest relationship. However, Arman was able to gain the respect of his two famous instructors by maintaining an open and honest line of communication, assuring both that he wanted only to learn from the best and had only the best intentions, wanting only to become the finest Jiu Jitsu practitioner he could be.

Arman kept his relationship with the Redzovic family back in Chicago, and when it came time for him to receive his Black Belt, Arman requested that Idris Redzovic be the one to promote him. He received the blessings of Rener and Eddie, and in 2020 he returned to Chicago and was promoted to the rank of Black Belt. 2020 was also the year that Arman completed the Gracie Instructor Certification Program and four months after becoming a Black Belt Arman obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Arman's White Belt dreams were coming true.

Through an incredible amount of dedication, determination, and hard work, Arman has recently opened Gracie Jiu Jitsu Laguna Hills. Within his academy, he is also working as a Chiropractor, combining both of his passions and sharing them with his students.


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