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#65 Todd Fox

Todd Fox had extensive military training having spent 12 years as a Marine, fought Bare-Knuckle Karate, fought professionally in MMA, and worked in Law Enforcement, and still, as he put it, went around to everyone in his first BJJ class and they beat his ass.

That was his first experience on the BJJ mats, but that started a BJJ journey that would see him train with legends Rickson Gracie and Henry Akins, compete at the highest levels, receive his Black Belt from Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Rodrigo Vaghi, and eventually reach the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt. Along that BJJ Journey Todd became what most people refer to as a Bodyguard, having protected some of the world's biggest musicians, Fortune 100 CEOs, and actors on movie sets around the world.

Todd is the Director of Tour Protection, a Protective Services company that specializes in keeping clients safe at home or abroad, utilizing tactics that Todd has developed od adapted over his incredible Military, Law Enforcement, and Martial Arts Career. Todd is also an author, most recently releasing the book, Protection For and From Humanity, which he describes as a common-sense field manual for people interested in protecting themselves or family.

Todd's professionalism is unquestioned and his training methods and Protective Services have been praised by Military experts, Navy Seals, Supreme Court Judges, and BJJ/MMA legend Renzo Gracie.


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