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#69 Goran Reljic

Goran Reljic didn't start his martial arts journey until he was 19 years old. He grew up an introverted kid but once he started training, as he puts it, "lost my mind" and had a career that took him from fighting in his native Croatia to the UFC and even to Bare Knuckle Boxing.

Goran got his start training BJJ in Croatia which at the time (the early 2000s) had virtually no BJJ community. Despite that, Goran excelled in BJJ and soon found himself training in the UK with legends Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima. It was at this time that Goran says he started his real BJJ experience and began to flourish in the sport.

Goran would soon work his way into MMA and had a successful run of seven fights which lead to a UFC debut against Wilson Gouveia in 2008. This was an incredible debut for Goran, a 2nd round TKO win that also earned him Fight of the Night honors. Unfortunately, after that fight, Goran would suffer a serious back injury that would keep him from fighting for almost two years. He would return to the UFC in 2010 and lose his next 3 fights. Goran would fight for several MMA organizations over the next several years including RIZIN, KSW, and had several Bare Knuckle Boxing fights where he became the UBBADA World Light-Heavyweight Champion.

Goran has returned to MMA, fighting for the Absolute Championship Akhmat organization out of Russia. Since his ACA debut, he has gone 1 and 1 winning his most recent fight in April of 2021.

Goran's fighting experience has taken him across the globe and along the way he has amassed a vast knowledge of BJJ, MMA, and Boxing. A knowledge that he shares with anyone seeking to learn what he has to offer.


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