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#12 Jim McGovern

On this episode of RŌL Radio we have 4th Yodan and USA Judo Coach Jim McGovern.

Whether in the US Army, spending over two decades on the Chicago police force, or now working as a safety consultant, the one constant for Jim was his love of martial arts, especially Judo.

Listen as Jim discusses his love of Judo, its rich history and why he believes it is such an important sport.

Jim’s journey has also included some huge setbacks. A setback that would have made most people quit the sport they love, but not Jim. On this episode, he shares his story of overcoming devastating injuries and how he motivated himself to not let them stand in the way of returning to the sport he loves so much. Here is RŌL Radio with the one and only Judo Jim McGovern. And stick around after the episode for some hilarious outtakes with Thomas, Gary, and Jim.


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