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#13 Eli Knight

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Welcome back to RōL Radio. On this episode, we are fortunate enough to have the Senior Supervising Instructor at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy and 2nd Degree Black Belt under Royce Gracie, Eli Knight. Eli had trained various martial arts in his early life but once he began training and understanding BJJ he realized that while all arts claim that you can do great things by studying them, BJJ was the one that actually “just delivered” for him. Listen as Eli tells his journey of traveling to seek out BJJ wherever he could, receiving his Blue Belt from Grand Master Helio Gracie, all the way to receiving his Black Belt from the one and only Royce Gracie. Along his journey, Eli developed his own philosophy on BJJ and martial arts in general. On this episode, we are lucky enough to have him share his philosophy and unique perspective with us. Here is RŌL Radio with the truly insightful Eli Knight.


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