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#155 Nicholas Gregorides

Nicholas Gregoriades has made massive efforts to give back to the jiu-jitsu community. He has started not one but two affiliations that have brought people together from across the globe, sharing not only their jiu-jitsu knowledge but bonds that last a lifetime.

Nicholas has traveled and lived all over the globe and brings a unique perspective to the jiu-jitsu world. Major changes in his life have formed his philosophy, not only on jiu-jitsu but on life. He shares this philosophy with his students and the greater community through his instructionals, coaching, books, and more. Check out Nic's unique perspectives by following the link below and listen to episode #155 of The RŌL Radio now. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu journey.


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