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#74 Adem Redzovic

Adem Redzovic was a teenager when his older brother dragged him to his first BJJ class, and the first thing Adem saw when he arrived was someone's dislocated shoulder being popped back into place. But this gruesome sight and getting smashed his first day didn't deter Adem. Now after over two decades on the mats, he has become one of the biggest influences on BJJ in the Midwestern United States and Europe.

Adem has trained all over the United States, Europe, and Brazil. He has learned from greats like Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Marcio Feitosa, and the founder of Gracie Barra, Carlos Gracie Jr.

Professor Adem along with his brother started Team Redzovic in Chicago and quickly established the academy as one of the most respected in the area, so much so that they became the first Americans to represent Carlos Gracie Jr. and the Gracie Barra team by opening up a Gracie Barra Chicago Academy.

After years of representing Gracie Barra, Team Redzovic stepped out on their own and continued to grow in Chicago and abroad. Now Adem has started his newest academy, the Downtown Jiu Jitsu Club Chicago, along with the Downtown Jiu Jitsu Club Podcast. These two ventures are Adem's main focus, allowing him to spread his knowledge, philosophy, and to continue building the Jiu Jitsu community he has established over the past 20+ years.


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