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#24 Gianni Grippo

Gianni Grippo has been training BJJ since he was a little kid. Along his journey he has won multiple world titles, and is on his way to becoming a true leader within his young generation of Jiu Jitsu Black Belts. But his journey has been quite a bit different from most.

Gianni had tremendous support from his parents. They made it possible for Gianni to train multiple times a week at Renzo Gracie Academy (RGA) in New York City. As a kid he was trained by and trained with some of the biggest names in BJJ. Names that would make most adults jealous.

But everything wasn’t just handed to him. Gianni spent countless hours in the academy. He traveled daily from New Jersey into Manhattan doing his school work in the backseat of his parents car. He trained in multiple sports multiple times a day, and started off every morning by going for runs, and working out with with his father. Gianni gave everything he had to Jiu Jitsu.

As a young adult Gianni’s career was going strong. However he began to feel his goals were not being supported in the way he needed at Renzo Gracie Academy. In 2012 Gianni made the controversial decision to switch academies, moving just a few blocks away to the competing Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu.

This decision was met with severe backlash. Not only for the decision to make the switch but also for the way Gianni handled the process. Gianni made the decision known by posting a picture of him with Marcelo on social media, just days after his last class at RGA and without informing his instructors or teammates.

Gianni's success continued at his new academy and he was once again a world champion. In 2013 Marcelo Garcia presented Gianni with his black belt hilarious fashion. First presenting Marcelo with a new 4 stripe brown belt and when Gianni turned to face the room Marcelo pulled out a black belt wrapping it around Gianni's waist.

Gianni's winning ways have continued, racking up multiple world championships all across the globe. He is now an entrepreneur as part owner of Gripp Tape, athletic tape for grapplers, and we are sure he will continue reaching for and achieving his goals.


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