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#92 Rory Singer

Rory Singer was present and had an up-close seat and very personal connection at what many argue was the most important event in MMA history, the finale of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. This event changed the perception of what MMA was, making it a legit sport around the world and helping turn the UFC into one of the biggest sporting organizations in the world.

Rory was a great friend and a training partner of season one finalist and eventual winner, Forrest Griffin. Rory had already had some big fights and wins over great fighters and his dedication to martial arts and fighting caught the eye of T.U.F. producers. They cast Rory in season three of the long-running reality series, basically telling him they wouldn't take no for an answer. Rory made it to the semi-finals and although he lost that fight, he went on to a multi-fight UFC career, as well as fighting in several other MMA organizations.

Those credentials alone would make Rory a standout in the world of martial arts but his career as a Jiu Jitsu instructor, coach, and gym owner/operator since his time as a professional fighter have made a huge impact in the world of martial arts. Rory along with his brother Adam run SBG Athens, in Athens Georgia. This gym has produced world champions, and 16 Jiu Jitsu Black belts and it has had several fighters on The Ultimate Fighter. SBG has helped its members lose thousands of pounds of unwanted weight and runs programs for entire families. SBG has also donated thousands of pounds of food to local food banks and has helped its community in countless other ways.

Rory's fighting career along with his gym represent the best of what martial arts have to offer individuals and their communities; professionalism, discipline, fitness, self-improvement, self-defense skills, and so much more.


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