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#105 Matt Thornton

Matt Thornton began his martial arts career with boxing, then Kick Boxing, and eventually moving to Jeet Kune Do. He then saw an ad by Fabio Santos offering $50 for anyone who could beat him up. Matt answered the ad by the Rickson Gracie Black Belt and soon felt the power and controlling nature of Jiu Jitsu. After a quick takedown, body lock, and being mounted by Fabio, Matt fell in love with Jiu Jitsu and was hooked. Matt began taking private lessons from Professor Fabio and it wasn't long before he left the other martial arts behind for Jiu Jitsu.

In episode #105 Matt Thorton shares his journey from that day with Professor Fabio, training with Rickson Gracie, building his Straight Blast Gym from a single location to a worldwide success, that gym's culture, and a ton more. Check out the incredible journey of Chris Haueter's very first Black Belt, Matt Thorton available now! 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 800 videos for your Jiu Jitsu journey.


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