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Robert Drysdale (#30 Re-release)

This week we are re-releasing one of our favorite episodes from 2021 with the one and only Robert Drysdale. So sit back and see why this is one of our favorites. Then join us next week for a new episode we will surely enjoy.

Robert Drysdale has made history in the world of BJJ, winning multiple titles including the ADCC World Championship and the IBJJF Championship, but now he is dedicating himself to exploring and telling the history of BJJ itself.

On this episode of RŌL Radio Robert describes his journey and the journey of telling the true history of jiu-jitsu in Brazil. The latter of which took him back to Brazil to interview some of the legends of BJJ. Grand Masters who were there when jiu-jitsu first began to flourish and who share with Robert their first-hand knowledge of those days and what led to the art we know today. 

This journey and those interviews became the forthcoming documentary Closed Guard: The Origins of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil and the companion book Opening Closed-Guard: the Origins of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil: The Story Behind the Film.

Here is RŌL Radio with one of the most accomplished grapplers of his generation, and a true historian of BJJ, Robert Drysdale.

Episode Highlights:

4:24 Trying to Define Yourself

 13:50 Real Motivations

 21:38 Peeling the Onion

 34:49 Finding the Legends

 44:32 Who Made Who

1:05:01 Five Questions


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