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#89 Robert Ingram

The world of martial arts is filled with some of the most honorable, dedicated, and respectful people around. It is also filled with some of the biggest scam artists and con men around. Robert Ingram has spent twenty-five years in the martial arts and has dedicated the last ten years of his life, as he puts it, to keep the martial arts legit by exposing the fakes, frauds, and phonies in the martial arts community while promoting the martial artists who are making a positive impact. He does this with his platform McDojoLife, sharing info and videos about fake martial artists, con artists, cult leaders, and criminals, all of who live and work within the martial arts community.

Ten years ago Robert was filling in for his boss/instructor at his BJJ academy. After class, a group of students were talking about McDojos. At the time a McDojo was usually considered a place where the instruction wasn't very good, or they were a belt factory, promoting people for cash and only in it for the money. One of the new students asked Rob what a McDojo was and after Rob explained it to him the student responded, "why doesn't anyone do something about that?". That is when Rob took it upon himself to start exposing the people, who had been for decades tarnishing the reputation of the martial arts with their cons, fake techniques, and even worse, criminal behavior.

A lot of what is seen when it comes to McDojo's can be ridiculous. People knocking out others without even touching them, or people who claim to be experts being challenged and defeated by someone who holds a much lower rank. However, there can be a much more sinister side to the martial arts. People who become cult leaders, or sexual predators. Rob has been dedicated to exposing these individuals. Making sure his information can be fact-checked so that the public at large can see what the people he has exposed have done.

Most recently Rob has filmed the McDojoLife Documentary to further shine a light on those who need to be exposed for the frauds and criminals they are, continuing the work he started over a decade ago.


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